From Fields Of Green and Back Again

From Fields Of Green and Back Again

Hello festival-goers, it's that time of year again! The bags are packed and the gas tank is on “F”. You’re about to fill the car up with good friends and future memories.

 As you travel down the road to your destination, Festi-Cab has already been waiting on you to arrive. Festi-Cab is one of the first groups to arrive and almost always the last to leave. Our team is one of the few that get to witness a festival from its own point of view. We arrive early and stay late to ensure we are ready to move festival patrons in more ways than one.

Whether you need a ride from camp to the main venue or just want to ride around and people-watch Festi-Cab can make that happen.  As a Festi-Cab driver, I have had many grate moments trying to get a group of people to see a band on time. However, my favorite moments as a driver are when I get a cab full of festival-goers who just want to ride around and escape the heat.  Yeah, they could wait in line to take a 30-second ride down a water slide or trek with chairs and towels in hand to the nearby creek (if one is available). My riders are smart, they know they can pay for a tour and see the festival grounds while catching a cool breeze from the seat of a Festi-Cab. When the sun goes down the festival creates its own light and so does Festi-cab. Festi-cab drivers light up the night sky driving long into the night making sure every camper is safely returned to their campsite.

A Festi-Cab drivers fun doesn't stop when his shift ends, drivers can be spotted having the same good fun as any other festival goer.  Even our boss can be seen out roaming the festival grounds catching a band play while eating a Jerry Roll.  So, whether you are young, old, have a family, handi-capable, or just want to go for a good ride remember Festi-Cab is always looking for a rider like you.


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  1. Heather Lynn:
    Jun 21, 2013 at 07:28 PM

    Well put Forrest! And remember, that rider sitting next to you may just become a lifelong friend ;)

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