Best Job On Earth

Best Job On Earth

Festi-Cab! The Best Job on Earth!

So, some may want to know what is so great about being a Festi-Cab Driver at a festival?

Well for one, we meet all sorts of people from all walks of life from all over the country. My favorite part is getting to interact with people who may not be from the same place but we are all at the same festival to share the same experience.

Being the cab driver is about the best job there is at a festy. All of your customers love you because you’re giving them a break off  their feet to get them from  point A to point B. On this ride, you sometimes feel like a personal counselor for your patrons. People share their stories, sometimes their strange behaviors, their hopes, their dreams and sometimes their odd and deepest darkest secrets.  So why do these patrons feel so comfortable sharing all of this information with their Festi- Cab driver? I guess because when you work for an awesome company like Festi-Cab you give off the vibe that your patrons can be comfortable and can have a blast with you along the way. You let them relax and take sometimes a not-so-smooth ride on a golf cart. I love making jokes with my customers and I love getting my customers involved with creative ways to get through a large crowd so they can get to their next show on time. Telling people that their "bootie is extra cutie" and that you "would hate to ruin such a fine derriere by running it over", is one of my favorite and polite ways to get people to move along.  You are guaranteed a gigantic grin when you play along with the people. I mean who wants a boring cab driver that takes their job too seriously and doesn’t have fun with you? The more you play the more they pay! Another perk of being a part of this chauffeur service is that not all of your tips are cash. I’ve received artwork, hats, t-shirts, pins, friendship bracelets, hugs, flashlights, snacks, bandanas to keep the dust off my face, sunscreen to keep me from being burned, and rain ponchos and umbrellas for those rainy and cold nights. Most of the time I have made new friendships and have made new connections with people on my cab that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Everyone could use a new friend right?

I once had a guy that was being rude to me about the cost of fare for a ride on the cart.  He was coming off mean and belligerent and didn’t look like he was having a very good time. Well, then I saw that he dropped his wallet on the ground right in front of me and he totally changed his tune when I pointed it out to him. He was so grateful for my honesty that he decided to go ahead and get a lift for himself and his three other friends, and then he apologized for being an ass. Needless to say I made his night a lot better because he still had his wallet and I was rewarded generously for it.

If I could drive for Festi-Cab all the year I would so be a part of it, and even though I can’t it will always be my FAVORITE JOB EVER!

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  1. Melissa:
    Jan 08, 2014 at 08:30 PM

    Sound amazing! Keep up the good work .

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