See you in 2014!

See you in 2014!
From my first trip up Buzzkill Hill to a time sensitive recording mission at Wakarusa - I was a Festi-Cab customer first. I looked forward to it as part of my festival experience. Me and my friends loved and used the cabs so much we'd take turns buying each other rides to the stage. Why lug the gear? Why not catch a cool breeze for a minute?

So when the opportunity came to take the wheel for Summer Camp 2013 I was more than grateful and I couldn't wait to tackle what seemed like a friggin' dream job. At home I was reeling with the possibilities. Single, charming cabbie, Summer Camp, Umphrey's, summer, good-times and life on the open road. 

None of the scenarios that I envisioned came close to what actually happened. Cold, rain, rain, rain, and mud, mud, mud. Oh.. and then it rained! In short, it was the most challenging weekend I've ever been rewarded with in an employment situation. 

The reward was being on the move at the biggest party in Illinois. The random events, the sights, the chaos, the hugs, the new friends and the people in general. Ah, the stories! If you want to get our dollar's worth ask your next Festi-Cab driver the weirdest or wildest thing they've ever seen white driving then sit back and enjoy. I'm never short of amazement when it comes to the human animal and Festi-Cab is a wonderful way to soak in a wide variety of animals that just want to love their music and be as free as a 3-day weekend will allow them to be. 

See you in 2014! Sexy People Tip!

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  1. Brit Capizzano:
    Apr 28, 2014 at 11:17 AM

    Does this mean all your services will be available at S'camp this year? Last year was my 4th year at S'camp and I thought Festi-Cab was the best thing they added to the festival over a 5 year period.

  2. Chris Dee:
    Apr 28, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    Brit- We are going to be at Scamp again this year! :D

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